• Private Equity Investments

    KPL Capital LLC, is a private equity investment company located in Naples, Florida with Ovadia Levy as Managing Member

  • Your Capital is Matched by Ours

    Our clients' as well as our own capital is all about near term results while securing our future.

  • Our Focus is Transparency

    Our focus is transparency, and interaction with our clients. Our clients feel safe knowing that their money is being put to work with positive results. 

KPL Capital, LLC - Ovadia Levy

"Connecting our clients to our investment strategies through transparency"


Organically Grown Boutique Capital Investment Firm in Naples, Florida

KPL Capital is backed by managing member Ovadia Levy who has been working in Private Equity Investments since 2011. Today, KPL Capital is a private equity investment company located in Naples, Florida.We are a boutique firm that has grown organically and feel that it is the right time to expand selectively and cautiously sharing and utilizing our skills with our clients while taking into consideration our clients' thoughts and opinions.